android Jelly Bean 4.2

Discover the hottest games, applications, music, videos and more on the most advanced Android OS yet. The Android Jelly Bean OS seamlessly handles all applications and lets you shuffle between them with added efficiency. This new OS also lets you download all the latest applications and software upgrades over wi-fi through FOTA to keep your phone updated.

smart gestures

The intuitive gesture controls of the canvas turbo help you use your phone without tapping or pressing any buttons! to unlock and access your phone, simply wave your hand over it. These smart gestures enable you to control your phone while also helping you to save crucial battery life.

The canvas turbo helps you focus on the task at hand by letting you access your phone, simply by blowing air on the screen! This makes life easy and multitasking will no more be a task

popup video and popup browser

Work and play at the same time with the popup video. Work on one half of the screen and keep your favorite video playing alongside on the video browser. Expand the browser to half the screen and have twice the fun!

multi video view

Choose between your favorite videos by watching them simultaneously on the multi video view! Don’t miss even a minute of the action even if your attention gets diverted from the screen. The look away feature pauses the video so that you get to view every moment as and when you like.


To shuffle through many things at once, just click on the ifloat ! This assistive touch button remains on-screen all the time and lets you access the key features of smartphone. With ifloat, you can now handle calls and sms, browse the net, and view multimedia files while simultaneously using any application!